The journey route planned for Moerdijk to Ipswich region was only ever a provisional option, designed to engage with industry professionals to determine the interest in a Holland/Belgium to East Anglia route during a period immediately after a 'no deal' Brexit. Both Ipswich and Moerdijk were locations that were strategically positioned to allow us to enter in to negotiations with a variety of port providers simultaneously, negotiations that were designed to be supported with evidence of interest in the route. At no time however did we enter in to a commercial contract with either port provider (ABP or Moerdijk Port Authority).

Gauging the interest level in this service was designed to enable us to bring leverage in our discussions with said port providers, both to persuade them to accept a new market entrant, and also to negotiate better terms for hauliers during the no deal period.

Freight-Market was designed to be a break-even business, unlike many other stakeholders in the sea freight business, we had no desire to profit from the nightmare scenario of a 'no deal Brexit', this is why we designed a model of pricing that did not relate to weight.

We continue to seek a cost effective, RORO freight route for the period 30/03- 30/09 and are still seeking expressions of interest in the service from hauliers, however we felt it more prudent to derive that interest from direct contact and survey as opposed to proposed crossing sales.  

We apologise for any confusion caused.