Trade Counter

We offer a trade counter/ e-commerce facility for some of our carrier/storage partners. This enables them to sell within the UK whilst the products remain in storage with us, we act solely as a sales agent.

Current offerings include: 

  • Dried Produce- Cereals, Pasta, Rice, Dough/wheat based, freeze dried noodles.
  • Canned Produce- Vegetables, Fruits, Soups, Meat Based
  • Pet Supplies- Dry and Wet Foods for domestic animals.  
  • Dried Beverage Components- Teabags, Coffee Granules, Coffee Pods, Sugar, UHT Milk, Coffeemate
  • Workplace Supplies- Stationery, Paper, Printer Inks, Envelopes, Packaging Materials.
  • Cleaning Products- Washing Tablets, Washing Liquids,  Dishwasher tablets, Conditioner, Shampoo, Bleaches. 
  • Aesthetics Products- Dermal Fillers

  • For a full list of products and availability please view our website at

    Stock holding is available at £1.35 per pallet per week. 

    A sales tax of 11% is requested for listing on our e-commerce site, this is exclusive of delivery.