To facilitate the dedicated queue system that is designed to circumvent the significant congestion issues caused by a 'no deal' Brexit, all tickets must be booked in advance through our booking site here-

At the point of booking we will need to know: 
Your company name; 
Your company address; 
The crossing required (by journey and by date); 

24 Hours before the journey commences we will need to know; 
Vehicle Type, Size and Registration; 
Driver(s) details including UKBF information; 
Load description; 

Refund Policy:
Full refunds up to 24 hours prior to journey commencement; 
Full refunds in the event of a cancellation (including under a UK-EU trade deal)
Partial refunds in the event of a delayed journey 

Resale of bookings can occur up to 3 hours before journey commencement providing we are provided with the vehicle and driver details immediately.